Yuan Yuan Liang is a costume designer and fashion designer for stage, film, TV and couture made. Taking charge of private customization and costume design for YUAN's EXCLUSIVE COUTURE. Possesses professional pattern house and high fashion customized showroom. 

As a costume designer, Yuan’s recent theatrical work including: Night Walk (The Huntington Library), Black Like Me(CalArts), The Seagull (CalArts), Ghost (Hollywood Fringe Festival), Man Down (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Yuan’s recent film work including: The Bee, Strings of butterflies, White Dress. Kintsugi. As a concept designer, Yuan participated Walt Disney Imagineering CalArts Educational Initiative.

Yuan holds an Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design from California Institute of the Arts. She always has passion to fight for her dreams. She believes:" If it's easy, it's hardly worth doing."